The Tsukiji Sushi InsiderWorkshop is lead by insiders of the Tsukiji Fish Market. As such, it is one of the best and most interesting ways to broaden your Japan experience, while learning to enjoy the delicious goodness that Japanese cuisine has to offer.

The half-day workshop we offer is aimed at those who want to know not only how to prepare sushi, but also how to plan, procure ingredients and present them in the most appealing manner.

Since our workshop is located in the heart of the Tsukiji Fish Market, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and culture of the world’s largest fish market.

All classes are beginner friendly and are offered in both English and Japanese. We look forward to meeting you and giving you a thorough and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the world of sushi.

Three things you can only experience at Tsukiji Sushi InsiderWorkshop

1. How to choose fresh ingredients, in the heart of the world’s largest fish market.

2. How to make your own sushi from ingredients you have just purchased at Tsukiji.

3. Being taught by sushi masters with years of experience in the finest establishments in Akasaka, Ginza and Tsukiji.

Sushi Master Profiles

Hirobumi Morita
Morita-san has enjoyed a career pursuing Japanese cuisine in the center of cuisine culture of Tsukiji. He has also spend three years in Milan, gaining experience with Mediterranean seafood. Since 2004, Morita-san began working in Tsukuji to further deepen his knowledge and experience with fresh seafood and its cuisine. “You have to be quick here in Tsukiji. Since freshness is so important, everyone in Tsukiji gets up in the early hours before dawn and shops will start to close soon after lunch. And of course, this need for speed is one of the reasons behind the origins of sushi. We hope to share our passion for sushi and Japanese cuisine with you!”
Nobuyuki Noji
Noji-san began his career at 23 as a chef of the century-old Ryotei, a famous Japanese dining establishment. After ten years, he moved to Tsukiji to rediscover the roots of Japanese cuisine. Presently, he is the owner of his own highly regarded restaurant. “Tsukiji is a town of change. Adapting to both season and age, it is constantly striving to provide the perfect ingredients for cuisine. For chefs like me, it really is a treasure trove. Here I can find ingredients unavailable anywhere else. I look forward to sharing my experience of Tsukiji with you!”
In addition to Morita-san and Noji-san, there are several other sushi masters waiting to meet you and teach you the intricacies of the world of sushi.

The Tuna Auction & Tsukiji InsiderTour

This is the tour that leads you to the world famous tuna auction with our insider. Our "Insider guides" allows you to enjoy the tuna auction & the market in the best way.

While the auction begins at 6 a.m., visitors actually must wait for several hours before. Our Tuna auction & Tsukiji InsiderTour is the only English guided tour which can offer the insider information like the best place and time for watching and the exact translation of auction information such as the price and the origin of tuna for sale, and how buyers can see the good tuna. After the auction, we can lead you into the market with our strong connection.
Here, thanks to our guiding during and after the auction, you can fully enjoy a wonderful experience that is totally unavailable any other way.

What medias say

The sushi was truly delicious.

5 5 1
It was a welcome reward to end our tour of the Tsukiji Fish Market.

Hands-on, no less.

5 5 1
The workshop succeeded in providing a great little peek into both Tsukiji Market and the challenges and joy of sushi making. Not to mention that the whole day's experience was great fun.

Definitely the best way to go

5 5 1
I think it's the best KAISEN-DON I've ever tasted

A true 'Only in Japan' experience

5 5 1
For a true 'Only in Japan' experience, try a sushi-making workshop at the origin of sushi – the Tsukiji Fish Market

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